From my younger days, I have always been fascinated by myths and the magical world of gods and goddesses they opened before me. Today I know that they are more than a fairy tales. Instead, they are magnificent lies that tell the truth. Whenever I think of gender difference and women empowerment, my mind hastens back to the Greek mythology.

                              According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four legs, four arms and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, ZEUS split them into two separate p[arts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.

Well, I don’t think anyone would like to be a human with four legs anymore. But the story reveals the ultimate truth regarding the man-woman relationship. Man and woman are complementary to each other. But, today Woman the fairer half of man is denied facilities of education, compelling to marry before leaving childhood, forcing to maternity ever before finishing school, kept under subjection after marriage and forced to live a life of misery during widowhood. The fairer sex is kept vigorously secluded behind the purdah in many parts of the world. Many of them get killed even before they come out of their mother’s womb.

                                  Woman are treated like less human beings. They are marginalized, sidelined, humiliated and kept away from all sources of power and freedom.

Most women do not have access to higher education. Even their parents believed that they are destined to end up in the kitchen. most women can’t claim equal rights to their ancestral property. Most women do not have any role in decision making not in the states, not in their village, not even in their family.Most women are not paid well though they are made to work for hours like slaves. They are not given any top jobs.

When women are not paid well, the fifty percent of the population is not paid well. When women are disrespected, the half of the world population is disrespected.

                                     That’s why I said, WE have to EMPOWER – for a better tomorrow, for a better humanity.

  EDUCATION is the key to women empowerment. If a girl child is educated, she will have confidence, she will have employment skills. Employment will lead her to financial independence. Employment independence will make her stronger and dare to take up new challenges.

                                             If a male leader takes you where you want to be, a female leader takes you where you ought to be.

                                        If women are empowered, their hands surely rule the world, complementing, contributing, creating a better tomorrow for everyone…../


My great grand ma

                                                This is the history of my very own family. Once our family had very hard time to go…. My great grand ma who is the grand mother of my dad suffered a lot and came over all the difficulties and grown up 5 children. She took care of all her children with all necessities without expecting anything from her sons and her grand sons and died with two sarees and fifty paise (arai ana ) which is the biggest saving of that day. 

                                                 In a little village of southern end of Tamil Nadu,  A lady gave birth to her FIFTH children, within the two months of her delivery her husband passed away. Some people of that village take her back that her unluck  killed her man. Some others refused to talk to her with the panic of her badluck , they thought if they are in contact with her they will also suffer from her unluckiness. some unsatisfied men tried some tricks on her to get their need but she was a iron lady and she just blow away all her hurdles with her self confidence and chastity. I am very proud to say that she was my GREAT GRAND MOTHER ….

                                               My Great grand ma , who is the God of our family get married at the age of sixteen. She had 4 sons and a daughter . she went to field work there by feed the children. My grand pa always used to say , his mother made her blood as milk and  food for them and his elders.  When the hard day came she left her stomach empty to fulfill the stomach of her children.. She never spend the time to her beauty but spend every seconds to beautify the future of her children.

From my knowledge , she is the best mother in the world. She is one of the divine creations of God. I have a very interesting story , It was happened before 45 years. One day my grand pa returned from a hill place where his mother works. He was happily walked , before 2 miles of our ancestral house there is an unwalled well which is used for the irrigation purpose. Unexpectedly , he saw a snake and ran as fast as he can with the afraid of life . In that running speed, he didn’t watch the well at his front. He was fell in the well and cried for two hours to got a help. At that time heavenly , his mother(my great grand ma) came by that side . When she hears the sound of a little boy without hesitation, she jumped in to that well and saved her son. Note the point here   before she jumps in to that well ,  she never knows that it was her son. I just shocked by her helping mentality.

                                          She is the real god, very kind lady, bold and iron women moreover A BEST MOTHER ……  

Story of RAJA

I know my previous topics are very boring …..  BUT , now m going to tell a story of RAJA (king). It is a unknown short story from the Brahmins ( higher class of Indian society ) . Let us get in to the story…..

7th century B.C. There was a big war between Gods and Demons. As we know that the evil force is strong in the beginning, Gods were suffering badly at the hands of their bad evil enemies. Gods were afraid ….. if the lose the war , people loss the faith on Gods and the people may stop worshiping and turn in to bad. so the Gods decided that they need a raja or king to lead them in the battle. They appointed SOMA as their king and won the battle against the Demons… The Gods were happy and this story ends………

VISHNU – The Universal God


"Now I will tell the chief of my holy powers 
through there is no end to my fullness
I am the self in the inmost heart of all that are born
I am their beginning, their middle, and their end
I am the beginning, the middle, the end of all creations 
the science of the soul among sciences,
of speakers I am the speech,
of letters i am A.

I am unending time,
I am the ordain-er who faces all ways,
I am destroying death,
I am the source of all that is to be.
I am the dice-play of the gamester, 
I am the glory of the glorious,
I am victory, I am courage,
I am the goodness of the vitreous,
I am the force of those who govern,
I am the statecraft of those who seek to conquer,
I am the silence of what is secret,
I am the knowledge of those who know,
and I am the seed of all that is born.

There is nothing that can exist without me.
There is no end to my holy powers,
and whatever is mighty or fortunate or strong
springs from a portion of my glory..."